J&J Sourcing

Established in 1997, J&J (Jacob & Joseph)
is a family owned small - medium enterprise.

Dedicated to the home improvement retail sector, we hold uninterrupted long partnerships with leading retail corporations across Europe and North America.

While we take pride in our long lasting client relationships, we are also fortunate to have a core team of employees, who have stayed with us since the formative years of our organisation.

We operate under two different entities:

J&J Global Sourcing LLP – Undertaking sourcing development activities all across Europe and India.

J&J India Sourcing LLP – Performing sourcing development activities only in India.

Our Fundamentals

Entrepreneurship. Relationship.
Inclusivity. Transparency

Entrepreneurship: We encourage our associates to be entrepreneurs at work, entrusting them with the greatest possible autonomy.

Relationship:  We strive to go beyond the immediate in our relationships, with the desire to build lasting partnerships with our customers and associates.

Inclusivity: We aim to work together in the multi-cultural, multi-religious environment of our country, accepting and respecting differences, bearing in mind the true spirit of India – “Unity in Diversity”

Transparency:  It is our endeavour to be a force for good in the world of business – A company that follows the highest standards of business ethics.


Binding us together are

Working with dedication, transparency and integrity

Being honest and candid in
our associations

Staying low-key, with emphasis on humility and simplicity

Striving to achieve a conducive and healthy work environment

Doing business with a human touch